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Neryhs Wo

Free and Unfettered

ʻ逍遙ʼ, meaning free and unfettered, utterly carefree, in English. The expression is originally from an ancient Chinese book called ‘Zhuangzi’ written by the famous Chinese philosopher/writer, Zhuang Zhou. 逍遙 is the highest stage of freedom in one’s mentality. Carrying no burden in mind, having no troubles with the outer world, owning a peaceful relationship with oneself and anything else. Nowadays, the world is getting more and more lousy with all the issues that have been arose. As one of the members of the society, it is hard to not be influenced by the atmosphere, whether it is for good or for the worst. I believe it is essential for people to remember to take a break for the mental health, and to connect with their inner thoughts and clear the unwanted energy.

I am wishing to produce a temporary outdoor sculpture installation for the Huaniao festival. It will be a sculpture of a character I created in the posture of lying on the floor casually with a white butterfly landing on its head.

The character represents a feeling of discomfort I felt with the identity of being a human, and constantly exploring the definition of human being. I called this character ‘the little thing’, while most people think it is a faceless human as it has a figure similar to human, but it is anything else but human. This character appears in most of my previous work and I think it has become a symbol of my practice. The butterfly landing on its head shows the peaceful relationship it has with the outer environment, in order to show the peace it holds at heart.

The temporary sculpture sort of gives out a ‘holiday mood’. It responses to the theme of the festival with is ‘偶遇’, where the character is only there for a travel and will leave soon. It will not stay forever, and the encounter between the character and the viewers will hopefully be a break for the viewers’ mind.


Artist Bio: 

Neryhs Wo was born and raised in Hong Kong, then continued her studies in Fine Art in the UK. She received a BA in Fine Art with first class honours from Chelsea College of Arts in 2020. Neryhs is currently an MFA student of Art in Public Space at RMIT.

Neryhs Wo sees her art practice as a therapy for herself. She believes the process of art practicing is a private, intimate and lonely appointment for one to take time to understand their mind deeper. Neryhs’ works tells stories where they explore the contradiction of hoping to be found and understood but doubting the existence of total understanding between minds.

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