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Rebirth series

Gao Xiaowu 高孝午

Rebirth series by artist Gao Xiaowu reveal metaphorical and non-extreme rational thinking in a gentle and peaceful way. He puts forward questions such as what human beings should do and what kind of development is healthier in order to express his concern, criticism and reflection on the current society.

‘Awaken the original nature with rebirth’ is the core of Rebirth series. Poetically and placidly, Gao Xiaowu takes animals and plants as theme images in the series to express the alienation and illusion of nature through exaggeration, metaphor and other techniques. Neither criticizing through direct and visual violence nor creating discomfort through heavy pressure, his works awaken people's dream and vision of the original nature through the beauty of rebirth.


Gao Xiaowu 高孝午

Gao Xiaowu, a famous artist, was born in Sanming, Fujian province in 1976. In 1999, he graduated from the Sculpture Department of Xiamen Academy of Arts and Design before he finished his course in 2004 from the Sculpture Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts. He now lives in Beijing.


Gao Xiaowu practises the ‘mortal art’ under his belief ‘living in the present’. Humorously and gently, his works usually reveal metaphorical and non-extreme rational thinking to express his concern, criticism and reflection on society. His early representatives are Standard Times, City Dreams, Our Generation, Soft Violence and Discrepancy. He awakens the original nature with his most recent works, Rebirth, which focus on daily phenomenon and embrace everyone equally to appricate art. Skillful in mind and considerate to others, he strives to maximize the effect of his art to the society.




Works selected into the 9th National Exhibition of Fine Art (1999)

Special Contribution Award of Hurun Art List (2014)

Artistic Ambassador of Singapore 1st Chinese Culture Week


Robb Report 2017 Best of the Best Artist

TRENDSHOME 2019 Person of the Year

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