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I See the Clouds of September


“I See the Clouds of September'' is a poetic photography project produced during the Covid-19 Stage 4 lockdown period in Melbourne. The project features a framework of affect-trauma in relationship under the context of COVID-19 pandemic, describes solitude and a sense of neutral distancing attitude between self-consciousness and social connection. The work consists of various photographic formats such as film, polaroid, full-frame, APS-C, and mobile camera, set both static and dynamic images to interpret no limitation on equipment definition in photography, back to "the manner of on the go with the flow" conceptual explanation.

COVID-19 pandemic deprived the unconstrained living style with silentness. The city seems to become an isolated island, the necessary outdoor activities becoming the only entertainment, where people have to wander an exit between home and the limited area surrounding. However, the darkness growing fast somewhere can be seen.

The unbalanced scale suffocated people with pushing solitude and emotions expanding. Everyone seems to be shrouded in haze and pressure followed by. At the same time, these amplified feelings remind us of the previous environment where the subconscious is located, and raises the unforgettable memories showing up over and over again until drowning in an abyss.

As a result, this stage will be on a specific period that does reflect on the previous life, it's a difficult and struggling time. But still, to expose contradictions or re-expectation and planning for the future as a new start point. This precious solitude journey is valuable to record as a core motif in my art experiment, to the previous self and people who are suffering in endless darkness and loneliness.

I am always driving my attention on the montaged and reorganised application of landscape fragments, citing personal expression and psychological & philosophical activities researching as a staple basis. I believe the artworks are about the developments in the understanding of human cognition, which expounds the presentation of the final art form as the catharsis of desire. Back in photography, the captured images just represent the tiny part of reality, and we are constantly searching for our own shadows for the value of sense, the evolution and refinement of cognition. At the same time, we are making progress daily to move into the future but sometimes always look back to those shining moments in the past. It was wonderful but I cannot stand still, and I try to express this point by recording the impressive fragments from my art perspective of photography.

The Huaniao Island Public Art Festival used “nature and rebirth” as an inquiry to seek submissions. My work implied the concept of “release” in relationships to tell a story about a healing process as in life experiences. It has the same concept of rebirth or starting over. My observation and description of the landscape fragments are also appealing to the characteristics of the Huaniao area. At the same time, it is also my description of my living area in Australia as a Chinese, and my observation is forming a harmonious symbiotic environment with residency in Huaniao island.


Artist Bio

Haoran Yuan (aka Renee) is a photographer and visual storyteller whose practice is centred on creating and recording realistic scenes with a focus on narrativity. Haoran/Renee’s interest in narrativity [The quality or condition of presenting a narrative], stems from the experience of life-transforming events between China and Australia. Haoran/Renee believes the montaged and reorganised application of landscape fragments in art experiments, citing personal expression and psychological & philosophical activities researching as a staple basis, not only serve as critical points of interest but also quest personal and social value, which helps to develop a better personality.

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