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Lost Wind of the Flower Birds 


Using digital communication technology as literal “medium”, this generative art project “Lost wind of the flower birds” experiments with presentification of the intangible past from Hua Niao Island. Using the generative AI’s “imagination” to open hidden fields and lost narratives from tangible traces at the site, letting the digitally imagined landscape act as the prosthetic arm to time’s lost limb. The project is process emerged, where the generated animation is an abstraction of the artist’s journey in search for the historical traces of the site while restricted to virtual encounters. The projection site of the animations are abandoned houses on the island, evoking dialog between the physical presence and the digital presentification of the same space.


Artist Bio: 

Bixiao Zhang  is a digital artist that interrogates the technological sublime in the post-internet world. Using performance, multimedia installations, and digital communication tools incorporated into participatory events, Zhang investigates how the technological sublime as the new “other” of society affect and regulates human, in replacement of the nature sublime. It is concerned about the effect of digital omnipresence and the increasingly immaterialised digital communication in the post internet world, where Zhang excavates the often-ignored materialist encounter between human and technology. Zhang has exhibited and engaged in site specific art projects and residencies in the Asia Pacific such as R:ead Tokyo and Hong Kong Cattle Depot Art Village, she has a Bachelor of Media Art from Flinders University and is a current Master of Fine Art Student at RMIT University. 

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