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The Tension between

The Tension between is a site-specific installation explores the tensions inherent with establishing and growing a new economy, through cultural tourism, and the impact on the people and the environment – what can be lost and gained with the development. 

The work references the ocean that surrounds the island, the local economy and the traditional way the locals would have been self-sustaining, living from the land and the natural environment, particularly through fishing. The materials used draw on the bioluminescence of the phosphorescent algae that is present in the local waters. 

The resulting work is contemplative, thought-provoking, experiential and participatory. The immersive art experience encourages the viewer to think about their impact on the environment, the ecological footprint required to sustain a local population and the importance of considering how cultural tourism can be either negative or positive. Cultural tourism can be destructive and erode cultural heritage or can be used to support, amplify and regenerate a local community with its ability to keep alive cultural heritage and safeguard the land, respecting the true ecology of the island.



Artist Bio 

Amvrazis is a multidisiplinary artist whose work seamlessly incorporates photography, video, sculpture, kinetics and performance with a focus on large scale public installations that are experiential and immersive. She has published a Photo Book and has exhibited in Bangkok, Thailand and Sydney, Australia. For the past 20 years she has been a teacher in Australia and internationally and was head of an art department. She has a Bachelors of Education, Grad Dip (Visual Arts) La Trobe College and undertook a year at VCA (Bachelors of Fine Art (Visual Art) in sculpture) before embarking on Master of Arts (Art in Public Space) at RMIT. 

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