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Warrior Tattoo

Qiu Ruiqi

Warrior Tattoo is a visual art project composed of photographs, a video and a poem. This work aims to honor the female identity and to respect the possibilities of gender. I chose to tattoo female organs (womb, vulva, and breasts) on an Asian woman’s portrait that implies my race and female identity to encourage female individuals to reflect their female experience. 


The documentary the rock and the ocean indicates the long history of the island and inspires viewers to think about female identities from ancient times to modern China. Women contributed their intelligence and power to build a modern China. While celebrating the achievements of Chinese females and other female communities, we could also keep thinking the way is struggling a better world for everyone. Women do have not only sisterhood but also warriorhood.


An Answer 

Where do we come from? 

A woman asks.
We come from our skin, 

We come from our eyes,

We come from our hearts, 

We come from ourselves. 

A woman answers.
As a female,
As a daughter,
As a mother. 


She answers the question, 

As a human being.


Artist Bio

Qiu Rui Qi is a Chinese and Asian woman, born in 1993 in Nanchang, China. She currently lives in Melbourne.

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