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Let’s bask 

CR Team

In this project, the artists cooperated with the residents, homestays, tourists and volunteers on Huaniao Island. Taking advantage of the strong light on the island, Lanshai was chosen as the medium of creation. Through the combination of sunlight and water, paticipants described the environment in which they live and wrote down what they want to express. Finally, after studying the local fish rope knotting skills, paticipants connect the Lanshai cloth with fish ropes and tie it in the small square in the north of the Huaniao village. The cloth blows with the wind like waves. This project takes activities as a way to connect the community and provides a way of collective expression. Through participation, volunteers, residents and artists shared more interaction. They also learned about the local fishermen's culture and the natural environment of the island during the creative process. The final work is combined with existing public facilities and installed in the small square for the elderly to enrich the daily experience.

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