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All artworks and local life are waiting in your daily route.

Let's go for experiencing them!

Huaniao, literally “Flower Bird” Island, sits at the northernmost point of this windblown archipelago of around 400 isles known as the Shengsi Islands. It’s geographically closer to Shanghai than the city that actually governs it— Zhoushan, Zhejiang province. Just 35 nautical miles from international waters, Now Huaniao and its surrounding isles are favourite destinations for tourists who journey at least 24 hours to be the first in China to catch the sunrise.

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7 steps for you trip

1. Leaving from your city and start for Shanghai.


2. Arrive in Shanghai and prepare for an early journey the next morning.


3. Driving by yourself or taking No.4 lines Subway to Nanpu Bridge bus station and arrive at here around 7:00 am.


4.  Taking the bus(direction to Huaniao) at Nanpu bridge bus station at 7:20 am. The bus journey will cost about 2hours.


5. Arrive at Shenjiawan Wharf at 9:30 am, and waiting for the direct ferry to Huaniao Island.


6. Taking the ferry at 10:20 am, there is only one ferry direct to Huaniao island per day and the itinerary is 2.5 hours. 


7. Arriving at Huaniao around 12:40 pm, the whole journey will cost you 5.5 - 6hours.

 Recommended Visiting Route 

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Yellow Line: Bei’ao(North) Hiking Route

There are mainly three large-scale works, which are waiting in the vast nature and local constructions

Blue Line: Coastline sightseeing route 

Blue Line: Coastline sightseeing route 
There are three outdoor sculptures along the coastline, which enhance the interaction and visual experience of the visitors.

Orange Line: (Western) Huaniao village Route

There are 3-4 artworks of culture and memories on this route, which is site-specific and integrated into the surroundings.

Red Line: Slow life block route

This route is the main visiting route of the art festival, walking from Art centre to the end of the Slow life street, you can find many artworks. Also, the glass windows of the merchants and benches along the street are visually transformed to increase the atmosphere of the art festival.

Green Line: Nan’ao(South) Art Alley Route

It is an art alley with the theme of the sea, which has various artworks placed both indoor and outdoor on the alley and a lighting experience in the evening. The theme implies the expectation of the symbiosis of marine ecology.

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