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In this project, the artists cooperated with the residents, homestays, tourists and volunteers on Huaniao Island. Taking advantage of the strong light on the island, Lanshai was chosen as the medium of creation. Through the combination of sunlight and water, paticipants described the environment in which they live and wrote down what they want to express. 

In today's society, people are more and more used to taking and sharing photos with electronic devices, and people rarely have the opportunity to print and touch physical photos.

Therefore, the author wants to reawaken people's sensibility to physical photos by printing physical photos.


From the perspective of humanistic care, the family portrait project focuses on the living and mental state of the elderly on the island, empathizes with the local residents, and combines artistic expression with spiritual support. It is not only a new type of public art, but also an extension of art as a public interest and social design. 

Glimpse Floating Lights and Hasty Shadows is a social participatory project.Based on the interviews and interactions between the artist and the shop owners of the commercial street, a sentence is summarized to highlight the characteristics of each shop which gives visitors a warm and hospitable emotional expression. Then  the artists design the pattern of colored window stickers, combining the collected text together to collage, and connect the entire commercial street into a whole. 

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