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Glimpse Floating Lights and Hasty Shadows
-The overall shop decoration design of the commercial street


Glimpse Floating Lights and Hasty Shadows is a social participatory project.Based on the interviews and interactions between the artist and the shop owners of the commercial street, a sentence is summarized to highlight the characteristics of each shop which gives visitors a warm and hospitable emotional expression. Then  the artists design the pattern of colored window stickers, combining the collected text together to collage, and connect the entire commercial street into a whole. Through the irradiation of natural light and illuminating light, a new light-and-shadow space is presented inside and outside each shop. The text increases the feeling of association and communication for tourists, and adds memory points and humanistic care to the streets and journeys. The colored windows can naturally form glass projection works at night, which creates a new connection with the street space, injects new vitality into the place, and rebuild new memories.

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