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Touch the Pictures

In today's society, people are more and more used to taking and sharing photos with electronic devices, and people rarely have the opportunity to print and touch physical photos.

Therefore, the author wants to reawaken people's sensibility to physical photos by printing physical photos.

Touch Photos (TTP) is a dialogue work created by RMIT resident Artist Yan Wang as curator and young photographers from Huadao Island. The theme of the work is "Etiquette to disappearance." Try to record and explore the disappearing people and things on the island through photography. Islanders and photographers participate in rafting cameras and collect themes for photo challenge to collect images. Through immersive art participation, the development of art and Flower and Bird Island will support each other, and art will be moved from the exhibition hall into a wider public space, social and cultural space, so that the symbiotic relationship between art citizens and society will be closer.

Part ONE: Film camera drift plan

TTP photographer led the film drift camera demonstration to inspire and encourage the participation of tourists and islanders.

Exhibition: film camera printing selected and posted on the first floor of Huadiao Island photo studio exhibition hall.

Part TWO :Photo Chanllenge Dialogue Workshop

The concept of photography workshop: the word "workshop" first appeared in the field of education and psychology. Lawrence in the United States in the 1960s. LawenceHarplin introduced the concept of "workshop" into urban planning as a way for people of different positions and ethnic groups to think, discuss and communicate with each other. Even when debating urban plans or discussing environmental issues in the community, it is a way to encourage participation, innovation, and finding solutions. Ren Yue put forward in her article "Doing a Photography Workshop" : Doing, not just saying; She also mentioned that "the workshop can form an 'aura' and is also a driving force. In a working atmosphere, they can stimulate and encourage each other's creative ideas. In the current turbulent environment in China, I think it will help photographers to strengthen their determination to continue to create."


3-week workshop (06.30-07.14) and exhibition format TTP photographers use their familiar photographic equipment to shoot the theme of Flower and Bird Island that has never been challenged before. The workshop was organized by Yan, a photography graduate student from the Royal Melbourne University, to learn and progress together with island photographers through professional Critique photography dialogue. The post-production workshop will provide an exhibition of Critique dialogue and acid-free output. Each person will exhibit at least 6 professional output works in huaniao Island Photo Studio.

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