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Record the flowers and birds in our eyes through mobile phones and cameras.

The nomadic collective is a metaphor for a multicultural community and environment. The project was initiated by Wilson Yang, a PhD student in the School of Design, and Sherry Liu, a PhD student in the School of Art. We (Wilson and Sherry) have reconsidered the word "nomadic" and believe that almost all contemporary generations now live in a mobile community and environment. People meet in new places and times all the time.

We are curious about how people form new relationships with other people and places, and how they will connect. This collective project is a joint art project of contemporary art and social engagement. It is dedicated to exploring a community model for co-living and developing cross-cultural sustainable art, integrating community engagement with the natural ecological environment.

Huadao Island is also a "nomadic" island, where different people meet. There are migrants who decide to stay here for long periods of time, tourists who visit for short periods of time, and people who are inseparable from the island from birth to death. This ever-changing and interwoven symbiosis, the new atmosphere of blending foreign culture with local life, and the emotional connection established between new and old islanders, tourists and artists, together constitute the unique "nomadic" culture here.

Therefore, Sherry and Luna launched the Natural Flowers and Birds campaign to encourage community residents, tourists and young artists to collaborate in a video recording campaign to discover the natural environment and human life of huadao Island through walking and recording. With flowers and birds as the theme, re-present the impression of flowers and birds. To interpret the fusion and collision between the indigenous people and the new islanders in the developing Huadao Island. Capture and record the unique temperament of flower and bird Island in different eyes, combine and reconstruct it, and finally present it in a contemporary video installation.

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