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The Word of Flower 

Annike 孙冬晨

The aging of the islanders on the island is very serious. Since 1998, the population of Shengsi Islands has been showing negative growth. According to the 2020 census, more than 31.3% of residents are over 60 years old. Their children left Huaniao island to study, work, get married, and have children, yet they still stay on the island and continue their traditional way of life. They are the witnesses of the historical changes of Huaniao island and the spreaders of traditional culture. Therefore, we care about the lives of local elder people. How to employ our art to reduce their loneliness? How to improve their sense of happiness and belonging?


The artist wants to express a kind of care from young people through her works, and let the elder islanders feel cared and valued.

They are also as cute as children, just like those birds lingering among the flowers.

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