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Tears of Blue

Rory Daniel

Humans are animals.  We have nipples not dissimilar to dogs, and fingernails that resemble those at the tips of a gorilla's twenty digits. Some of us even have the evolutionary remnants of gills in the form of small holes above the ear called vestigial gills, a reminder of the fish from which homo sapiens evolved.  And yet, we distance ourselves from our creatureliness, making ourselves into something more important than our fellow animals. 

Tears of Blue attempts to re-imagine the human body as another lifeform.  Something organic, mysterious, and almost unrecognisable.  It juxtaposes these imaginary creatures with microscopic views of Noctiluca Scintillans, the bioluminescent algae that glow in the sea around the island.  Being neither plant nor animal, the algae offer a point of contemplation against what it means to be human, and what it means to be an animal. 


Artist Bio

Rory Daniel is a lens-based artist based in Melbourne, Australia.  He is captivated by the human condition and is endlessly curious about what lies below the surface of our invisible world, where a purer, primitive version of ourselves resides.  


He is fascinated by the way we, as humans, keep our animalism hidden, letting it appear in only the most particular of circumstances.  His work attempts to peel back the surface, to dig to the layer below. To peek at and reflect on our human-animal.   He has just completed a Master of Photography degree at RMIT University. 

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